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Localisation in Moroku Money

Core Agnostic

White Label

Empowered by Odyssey

Important features that will help you compete

Whilst many banks and credit unions dont want to build, feed and water their own custom development team for mobile and internet banking they do want differentiation, brand representation and control over factors such as messaging. 

Moroku Money provides banks with control over some of these important features.


Provide your logo and app name and we’ll work withyou to have it on the internet and in the app stores as yours

Colour Pallette

In addition to your logo, we will map your colour pallette and font library to continue your look and feel throughout the experience


The communities we serve are multi-cultural, built over generations of migrant. Some may choose to speak their money in English, others may have a another preference. We let you speak money in whatever languages you like


Money is described using many words. We give you the thesaurus to give our dictionary, your names. We might call it an accoun. You may want to callit a bucket. Makes no difference to us but it might to your customers


Benefits you only get in our Digital Banking Channels.

Money is different from every other digital channels solution in the world because its based on Moroku Odyssey, our data driven personalisation engine for rewarding and encouraging strong money habits.

Mult mission support

Support across time, space and motion

Transaction integration

Acquire, Engage, Retain and Grow share

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