Our Approach

If we focus on customer success, make their success a measure of how we measure our own success, we will build category leading businesses that will compete on purpose not price.

Moroku Odyssey is a user experience orchestration and engagement platform for financial services companies. As the Fintech market continues to explode, customer engagement through unique experiences is becoming a critical  battleground. Moroku’s behavioural banking engine, Odyssey, helps banks and FinTechs provide unique and compelling experiences to attract and engage customers around a telos of financial wellness.

Moroku’s vision is of a world where everyone is great with their money. To do that, financial services need to be engaging, fun and social. When service is this way, people pay attention, become curious, overcome challenges, grow skills, and embark on a journey to mastery. Characterised by games and social, customer engagement, of all ages and backgrounds, is being redefined. Customers want to have fun, take on challenges, be recognised, grow and share. Moroku’s Odyssey platform and processes create engaging financial services experiences for banks and  FinTech that empower and engage customers and helps them all to become great with money.

We know that we act based on how we feel, and that giving people access to their money is no longer the problem. The problem now  is helping people feel good about their money and guiding them on their journey of money mastery, whatever that means for them in their specific context. Banks and FinTechs that figure this out through the delivery of personalised journeys organised around customer success and financial wellness are poised to out compete those that are simply focussed on ease of use and balance sheet optimisation.

 Delivering personalised journeys requires a definition of what financial success means across the market, codified as a capability map that knows where customers are, where they have come from and supports their journey forward. With this in place, a rich set of intrinsic and extrinsic nudges, rewards and awards that recognises loyalty and wellness growth across time, space and momentum can then be triggered. The intent is to allow customers to unlock, understand and exercise a set of financial habits and systems that compound to achieve mastery and through that, engagement and loyalty.

Whilst there remains work to be done to shift legacy core transactions systems to the cloud by way of flexible micro services architectures, Banks and FinTechs generally have the core systems to operate as modern accounting and banking product systems. These are the what. The saving, lending, spending, investing and insuring products. The product manufacturing. To unleash these financial engines, customers require the why and the how. Why to save, how to save, how to spend, how to invest. This is the engagement opportunity. Moroku Odyssey is this engagement layer. It operates between the core banking system and powers the User App as a cloud native engagement and journey orchestration layer.  It provides:

  1. Player Maps – The knowledge of where a customer is on their player journey from novice to master
  2. Money Systems and Subsystems – The money tools and capabilities that players unlock along the way as they master their money
  3. The Rewards and Awards – the nudges that support the customers need to know how they’re progressing on their journey.

Clients adopt the platform through an intense engagement program On-Ramp that unpacks success for them as well as their customers and defines the pilot scope and structure. On-Ramp is ideal for banks and FinTechs who have the table stakes in place and are ready to out compete the market and deliver superior customer value through more engaging, relevant customer experience with a purpose and a journey to financial wellness and mastery for their customers

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Digital is rapidly commoditising banking around the world, forcing participants to compete on margin erosion and funding. In the new engagement economy, there is an alternative: Harness the power of game to build digital experiences that deepen customer relationships, provide value and are relevant by supporting customers to thrive with their money.


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