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If we focus on customer success, make their success a measure of how we measure our own success, we will build category leading businesses that will compete on purpose not price.
91% of the planet is underserved financial. Very few grok banking. 70% of America lives pay check to pay check. 2.8 billion people in the world who are unbanked. We need to decarbonize the planet faster.
Household debt to income ratios are at unprecedented levels. The global financial crisis has left thousands of banks with lowered credit ratings, additional capital adequacy burdens and restricted operating environments that are making it more difficult to raise cash, grow and compete.
These factors combine to demand that banks and utility providers improve how they engage customers to pay closer attention to their money and how they consume energy
Moroku applies the most ancient and most learned forms of learning to help providers empower their customers digitally and get their finances and power in shape. By doing so we help providers build sustainable businesses based on their customer’s success. We utilise our product and methodology with our clients to create a vision for how mobile technology, gamification, cloud services and social media can augment the customer’ experience and drive business outcomes. We then create a plan for execution, with a capability that allows Moroku to take ownership of the technology and engineering operations, allowing our clients to focus on their commercial operations and making their business a success.
We combine lean start-up with design thinking and take an agile approach to product development and management, placing client feedback cycle as a critical process for achieving success. We recommend abandoning lists of embellished features and benefits, and prefer to focus on customers, problems and solutions by using design-thinking and a human-centred approach to innovation.
Moroku applies game design to make otherwise commoditised and transactional experiences engaging. When the world is like this, people turn up, play, enjoy themselves and win. When service providers harness this power, they are on purpose and build competitive advantage beyond price.

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