Next Generation Service Provision begins with EI

Service providers want to deepen customer relationships. This requires a platform with Emotional Intelligence. 

Hyper personalisation based on AI player maps that know where customers are, where they have come from and where they are going to make the experience emotional , is Moroku’s unique and powerful model of  this.

Moroku Odyssey is an orchestration and engagement platform for services providers. Operating from the cloud it integrates securely into the digital infrastructure to drive engagement, emotion and loyalty, by building empathy  and support for life’s hard work. 

Fuelling AI driven relationships with Behavioural Data

Artificial Intelligence is data hungry. The more data it has the more accurate it becomes. Odyssey builds customers to the segment of one as it captures deep customer behavioural data

Digital Banking for those that want to deepen customer relationships and grow.

Release the shackles of the past and unleash a next generation digital banking experience for growth, based on our award winning Odyssey platform.

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On Ramp is a fixed price design sprint for defining  a digital experience based on wellness and habit building. The process combines business strategy, game design, innovation, behavioural science and design thinking to deliver customer engagement.


The customer engagementand journey orchestration platform .

White lable internet and mobile banking powered by Odyssey.

Strength in Partnerships

Great digital experiences  require more than an engaging user experience. We’ve partnered with some of the best and most popular core systems of record, system integrators, service providers and innovators, to manage the projects and deliver seamless integration so you can trust us.

What people say about us!

Moroku has played a great part in the uplift of Volt with a culture rooted in digital excellence and getting cut through. Such teams are hard to find.
Johmar Gazo - Volt Bank

The world is better when designed by game

help your customers win

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If your intention is to help people, you have to embody that intention by being kind, openhearted, and innovative, by recognizing people’s strengths, supporting their weaknesses, listening, helping them grow, reading what they need from you, and noticing when it changes.” Jay Shetty 

Embody the next generation of service with MOROKU

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Odyssey is an engagement platform for financial service providers that want improved customer acquisition and retention. As market competition continues to heat up, customer engagement is the battleground. Moroku’s behavioural banking engine helps banks, credit unions and fintechs attract and engage customers around a telos of financial wellness and an architecture of game.

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