The digital banking engagement and journey orchestration platform for financial service providers based on game

Customer engagement has become a priority for financial service providers to compete. By measuring and recognising effort and loyalty across time and space, personalised engagement can be a reality.

Setting customers up for success by getting them on the map and guiding their journey

On Ramp is the process for landing a mission of financial wellness as  a digital experience. The process combines business strategy, game design, innovation, behavioural science and design thinking to deliver customer engagement.


Odyssey is a cloud based, hyper personalised nudge engine, that understands who people are and how to get them where they want to be with all of the support, recognition and fun they need to master the challenges they came to you to solve.

Moroku offers two digital banking engagement models for our clients. You can choose to start with a clean sheet of paper and design something custom for you or you may choose to start with one of our pre-built industry solutions.

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Moroku has played a great part in the uplift of Volt with a culture rooted in digital excellence and getting cut through. Such teams are hard to find.
Johmar Gazo - Volt Bank

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Spending Challenge

As discussed previously, hyper-personalization overlays customer information within a set of data models to establish and then increasingly personalise digital customer profiles

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Money is the widely adopted medium for the exchange of value in our game of life. It has become an overarching fitness payoff sometimes ahead of health and happiness. For years, law makers, financiers and educators have been trying to teach people the truth about money.  That it has a set of properties and behaves in a certain way within time, space and motion. The challenge with this approach is that these methods do not correlate with the way people respond to the world about them. We respond not to the truth but to the reward of fitness payoffs. This has important ramifications for how we approach financial fitness

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Which direction goes the race?

Determining the direction of the digital banking race should be easy enough. It’s a race for the customer. But in what direction does that customer lie? Riddle me this Batman: where is she? As puzzling as a chameleon inside a packet of Skittles.

For the last couple of years the answer has lain in onboarding. Come up with a snazzy looking app with a catchy tag line and onboard the customer within a couple of minute before they lose interest and abandon the process. Tick Tock, Instagram and doom scrolling have driven the attention span of the average mobile phone user to less than 12 seconds. Hurry up! Go faster! To capture the next genration of customer, the Millenials and GenZ’s , everyone seemed to get the message. “Get them before they change their mind”

KYC technologies errupted with Silicon Valley  and Bank VCs chasing them hard. Take a selfie, upload some identity docs, conirm they are in your market, validate they’re real, compare them, if all good, give the customer an account. 

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Odyssey is an engagement platform for financial service providers. As the fintech market continues to heat up, customer engagement is the battleground. Moroku’s behavioural banking engine helps banks and FinTechs attract and engage customers around a telos of financial wellness.

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