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Moroku makes banking fun. When we make things fun people, turn up, play, enjoy themselves and win. When banking is like this, banks are on purpose and can build strategic competitive advantage beyond price.

The Moroku GameSystem

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The Game System developer portal allows any Fintech Developer to begin adding fun and social to their applications quickly and economically.

Percolations from Pioneers in FinTech

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Firms need business model change, not blockchain

Ben Robinson of Temenos has written a great piece on blockchain, the unbundling and subsequent rebundling of banks. Ben describes how in music, it was iTunes which unbundled music to let us buy individual songs. Spotify then rebundled the model to an all-you-can-listen streaming subscription service. This pattern when playd out ...


Banks and Credit Unions are Zeroing in on Gen Z

Banks and credit unions are increasing their spend on marketing tech, data-driven techniques and content marketing. According to the ABA “Martech” now comprises about 22% of the average bank’s budget. They are also targeting this spend at one particularly essential consumer population: Generation Z according to a recent analysis of the top 5 retail banking marketing ...


Youth Banking Segment

Moroku is passionate about building long term value by helping kids learn the fundamentals of banking and including them in the financial system. Our beliefs create our reality and if we can influence these positively magic can happen. Fintech companies are targetting the Millennials market segment across the world and challenging ...


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