Bank as a Service

Bank as a Service - Reconfigure the banking value chain

Develop and deliver data driven, cross product
line propositions that meet unmet money management needs and help your customers thrive.

For credit unions, mutuals and community banks who want to build a moat around their customers and grow.

GCI Consulting and Moroku’s cutting-edge “BYOL”  Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform,  leverages the robust foundation of the Temenos Australian Community Banking Solution, seamlessly integrating it with Moroku’s award-winning digital channels solution, Money

Temenos Community Banking is specifically designed for the Credit Unions and Community Banks. Live with 337 customers around the world in 53 countries.

The impact of our transformation has been phenomenal: we can now deliver even higher quality services to our members, without driving up cost and complexity for the business.

Claire Byrne,

Chief Executive Officer St Raphael’s Garda Credit Union

Converting the banking technology stack to a cloud native service enables regulated entities to deliver differentiated solutions, increase their agility and change the economics of delivery in their favour. 

The GCI Moroku “Bring Your Own License” (BYOL) model allows regualted entities to focus on their differentiators and customers whilst leveraging modern banking digital infrastructure.

Temenos Transact R23

Banking organisations across the globe are migrating from
legacy technologt, dedicated on premise data center infrastructure, to secure, modern applications built on and for the cloud.

Temenos core banking is the most successful and widely used digital core-banking solution in the world. Using cloud native and agnostic technology, Temenos provides the most extensive and richest set of banking functionality across retail, corporate, treasury, wealth and payments with over 1000 banks in 150+ countries relying on it to provide market leading and innovative products and services to their customers.


GCI Consulting

With a global footprint and a track record of successful implementations , GCI Consulting is a specialist Temenos implementation and deployment partner with expertise across deployment, migration, support, upgrades, and cloud hosting services. 

By removing the risk of migration and deployment through a set of sector patterns, GCI enables smaller financial institutions to free themselves of their technology museums with confidence.

“The most experienced and most professional Temenos Transact consultants want to work for, and are found at, GCI.”

Soo Spector
Head of IT Implementation and Support, Schroders, London

Discover tomorrow's digital banking with Moroku Money

Tomorrow’s digital banking solutions go beyond convenience to helping customers thrive with their money. Hyper personalisation through data and game engines, reward customers for building strong money habits and loyalty

Faster Payments

Bill Payment

Open Banking

Loan Origination

Profile Management

Card Management

Hyper Personalisation

Content, Unlocks and Reward

Unlock the future of banking technology

With GCI Moroku BaaS, community banks , credit unions and mutuals have the opportunity to leverage their
social relevance with modern technology platforms to deliver digitally relevant, cost effective, modern banking
services to their members.

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