White Label Mobile and Internet Banking 

For customer owned banks to compete and grow.

Customer owned banks, credit unions and mutuals want a digital experience that allows them to acquire customers and deepen customer relationships.


These smaller financial institutions face an existential risk to merge if they don’t grow their customer base and core business of core deposits and loans. 

This growth must occur online, originating customers and loans quickly without expensive branch visits 

Grow with digital mobile and internet banking experiences that compete with the offerings of larger banks and reduce costs. 

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Internet and Mobile Banking

Customer owned banks are well placed to compete against the larger institutions who are increasingly forced to provide one size fits all solutions as they struggle to personalise experiences.

Customer owned banks typically serve niche segments by understanding their specific needs and are able to build risk models and value offerings for them in a way they larger institutions cannot.


For years customer owned banks have been underserved by their local technology providers who have struggled to keep up with the advance of technology in areas such as cloud, user experiences, open banking, artificial intelligence, data and cybersecurity.


Due to the complexity, cost, risk and monolithic nature of the technology stacks and their commercial arrangements it has to date been very difficult for many to do anything about it.


Utill now.

It's Time

A long period of low interest rates has ended

This is slowing mortgage lending performance, the disproportionate impact of digital on mutuals because of their size, talent and ESG challenges are providing significant headwinds for the mutual sector.

Success in this environment will be dependent on how well the sector takes advantage of technology to deepen customer relationships, deliver value whilst managing risk and cost effectively.

Maintaining the status quo seems unviable

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Moroku has established a digital platform and program for leaders in the mutual sector who want to take charge in a balanced and measured way, providing customers the experience they deserve and protecting their future.

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Odyssey is an engagement platform for financial service providers that want improved customer acquisition and retention. As market competition continues to heat up, customer engagement is the battleground. Moroku’s behavioural banking engine helps banks, credit unions and fintechs attract and engage customers around a telos of financial wellness and an architecture of game.

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