White Label Mobile and Internet Banking with a twist

No more joining the long queue of clients waiting for the latest release due to poor CI/CD

No more care and feeding of expensive custom builds

No more saying goodbye to potential or current customers due to outdated customer experience. 

Keep customers engaged with a contemporary, fully-responsive and personalised mobile and internet banking solution.

Internet and Mobile Banking

Contemporary digital experiences are critical for operating a bank in 2023

Whilst large institutions have the talent and budget to deliver this on their own, others seek off the shelf solutions that enable them to collaborate to compete, serve and meet customer expectations.

Welcome to Moroku Money – Just give us your brand and core banking platform and we’ll deliver the rest

Once customers have digitally onboarded in the mobile app, with full biometric KYC, they can access and manage their money and payments in the app or via internet banking.

Available for Australian ADIs today, Moroku Money – Internet Banking delivers today what we call “Contemporary Banking Essentials”

Add your brand in terms of logo, colours and fonts, provide us your APIs and we’ll do the rest at a speed and set of economics that will be delighted you found Moroku

Why Moroku Money's Different

Native Mobile and Internet

Keeping pace with mobile and web native experiences is hard and costly. Flutter, powered by Google, and Vue rank as the best ways of doing this. Whislt others labour with outdated frameworks, Moroku won the Google Flutter hackathon in 2019 – we know what we’re doing!

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Hyper-personalisation is the now of digital banking. This means knowing where customers are on their journey, where they are going and how to support, challenge and nudge them, unlocking payment tools such as round ups and rewards as they journey with you across space, time and motion. Moroku Money is built on Moroku’s revolutionary engagement and loyalty platform. Odyssey gets the job done

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Core Agnostic

Money plugs into multiple core banking systems. Most digital channels solutions originate from core providers or are custom build. Moroku Money decouples the customer experience from the core provider whilst reducing the risk, cost and complexity of home grown.

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Digital Services Layer

Contemporary retail banking requires banks, credit unions and fintechs to consume services from and provide them to a range of market partners. This orchestration layer, we call the Digital Services Layer, comes with Moroku Money to allow our customers to connect to the internet ecosystem.

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The Meat and Potatoes

Digital Onboarding

New customers download the app, upload their identity documents and open an acocunt within minutes. Table Stakes.

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Cloud native over layed with secure coding practices to deliver availability demanded of financial services.

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Open Banking

Data Holder, listing and controlling who’s been granted data access as well as Data Recipient to pull in data from  customer’s other providers to deliver spending and lending missions.

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Transactions and Payments

Listing transactions and enabling intra account transfers, NPP (inter bank) and bill payments.

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Profile Management

Manging personal information, cards and security.

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Loan Origination Lite

Harness the power of technology

Gone are the days of asking customers to fill in forms with data you already have and then passing that off as a pdf for team members to enter into a spreadsheet – that was so 1990’s. Let our robots do the heavy lifting.

Weaponise Open Banking

Sure, you may not be your customer’s main financial institution, but the regulators built Open Banking for you, to unlock the data jewels and make them available for everyone, not just the big banks. No need to ask for assets and expenses anymore – we’ll show you how.

Accelerate marketing & sales

By pushing the data cycles back to the customer, plugging in Open Banking and adding intelligence into the process we move applications through the process faster and get you qualified leads, fast so you can execute win and getthe customers back to living.

A telos of financial wellness

Ease of Use got us to where we are. It is Fun to Use, with a telos of financial wellness that takes us to where we are going. This is where Odyssey kicks in to deliver spending, saving, lending, investment missions and more to keep your customers on track and with you.


Theming – bring your brand

Digital Onboarding     

Open Banking     

Transaction Reporting


Pay Someone

Pay Bills

Preferences and Settings

CY23 Roadmap

We’re just getting warmed up. 

Schedule a demo and get an insight into an exciting roadmap

Of quarterly deliveries   

Get Started with Moroku Money

A better experience for your customers, more agility for your team. 

Hyper Personalised, Contemporary, Digital Retail Banking.

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Odyssey is an engagement platform for financial service providers that want improved customer acquisition and retention. As market competition continues to heat up, customer engagement is the battleground. Moroku’s behavioural banking engine helps banks, credit unions and fintechs attract and engage customers around a telos of financial wellness and an architecture of game.

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Sydney, NSW, Australia

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