Digital Identity Verification

With Moroku, going digital has never been safer

Spending large on marketing is no good if you can’t convert customers on line and safely. Doing so requires a digital identity verification service that scales. Make better decisions using a single API and dashboard to manage KYC, AML and fraud.

Quickly and Safely Onboard Customers

Allow customers to provide a range of identity documents and verify those online, in realtime, deciding who you want as customers.

Increase match rates

With access to hundreds of data sources, make better decisions  and safely onboard more customers.

Helpful Support

Identity is the backboneof any technology implemntation. Our experts will guide you through the process to deliver a service that meets your business objectives.

Bring your business the customers you want and release your staff for value add.

The war on talent demands that we are smart about what valuable human resources we utilise where. We will unleash advanced robots to take care of digital identity verification, ensuring we convert the customers your marketing team delivers and help protect you from malicious actors in a compliant way.


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