Sustainability Accelerator

Sustainability is the priority of our times. As we grow beyond 8 billion inhabitants, our footprint is overwhelming all aspects of the planet that has served and currently serves us so well. Biodiversity and the climate are under such threat that we may lose species of plant and animal before we even knew they existed and understood their value and beauty. The temperature may soon rise beyond levels that can be brought back any time within the next hundred years. Whilst the cold war took us close to extinction and some would take us back there, the fallout of our daily habits is presenting a great challenge to our wellness. As ESG frameworks take shape the establishment of sustainable businesses and communities is taking centre stage.

Sustainability is the greatest challenge of our time

We are facing extinctions on an almost unimaginable scale, similar to those that have only been documented a handful of times in the billions of years of Earth’s history.

We are soon to find out how good we are as custodians.

The Bank of England has warned banks to take immediate action on climate risks or face a hit to annual profits.

We have to move faster on ESG

Our consumption habits are creating demand for products and services that are doing the planet no favours

◦Environment – We have the transaction data on eating, wearing, moving

◦Society – Financial Inclusion has a real impact

◦Governance – Transparency and Ethics

Game is the most powerful and proven method we have to engage, build skills, overcome challenges and win

A decade of IP building to create the platform, processes, people and experience to help FSI deploy game into the experience to drive ESG change

The Moroku 12 Week Sustainability Accelerator

Moroku On-Ramp is a proven 12 week design sprint to create and test game oriented financial services applications.

The methodology has been adapted and focussed to help financial institutions research, explore, ideate and test the potential for game and digital to positively impact the ESG stance of the participant.

The acclerator covers 6 phases, each lasting 2 weeks, establishing a hypothesis, validating it with a market cohort and then progressively creating a digital experience to positively impact the cohort’s beliefs and habits around a specific aspect of sustainability.

It is different from all other such design approaches in its incorporation of game method tuned for financial services and sustainability.

Accelerate your sustainability stature. 

What type of financial institutions do we need?

Are we helping them manage?

Are we helping them save now pay later ?

Four organisations in four countries

To give each participating organisation, bank or fintech, an opportunity to lead, and to provide the program with a diverse data and cohort group,  participants will be limited to one per country.

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