Monthly Archives: May 2020

Getting above the noise

Banks and credit unions are increasing their spend on marketing tech, data-driven techniques and content marketing. According to the ABA “Martech” now comprises about 22% of the average bank’s budget. The stacks are getting increasingly complex and expensive and still offer little hope in terms of hacks, leaving Facebook and Google as …

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Moroku unleashes a wrecking ball

Date: May 20th 2020 Fear is for yesterday. As four big actors release Gen Z banking, Moroku today announces that it is giving its Chore Scout  software away. CEO Colin Weir says that “Financial fitness for youth is just way too important for us to sit on our software while we …

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Moroku announces 4 new marketing capabilities

Moroku announces 4 new marketing capabilities Date: May 1st 2020 When we swing open the doors, don’t expect a lazy stroll back to work. Be ready for a sprint, like newly learned and world-wise caged animals on release. We will be daring, we will want to try new experiences and if …

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