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Provide digital services for customers to learn, plan, manage and secure their money

Helping customers thrive with their money

To be intelligent, banking must understand the customer, their money journey and provide corresponding emapthy and support for the many challenges it unfurls. 

Personalized Recommendations

Intelligent delivery

of empathy and support 

Money management is no longer about getting your money into one or more banks with some budgeting tools.  Early budgeting tools presumed a level of knowledge about what to budget for and by how much. 

Money needs to be managed across numerous buckets such as the 70:20:10 system so customers can get organised across the various aspects of life such as essentials, enjoyment and nice to haves and their goals and savings plans.

Unlock human potential

Intelligent delivery begins with a personal journey of discovery about how we feel with our money and the beliefs and values we have. 

As a set of models that sit in front of the Odyssey Event Engine, the Intelligent Player Maps are a configurable, multi-league, game-based, player map for financial service providers that want their customers to succeed.

Pathway to AI

The player maps combine a set of journeys with a complete range of money subsystems. These allow Odyssey to build an increasingly deeper opinion about the customer, mapping out where they have been on their journey, understanding that in reference to the very many customers that have followed a similar path and where they may likely go next. As they do, they unlock a raft of money systems such as auto sweeps, rounds and bill optimisation. This makes Odyssey a perfect adjunct to a digital banking core as well as the data capture and organisation pathway for AI.

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