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For banks and fintechs, Moroku empowers and engages customers around strong money habits through game and data.


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Ge Drossaert


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Jason Millett


MOROKU, with Odyssey, is disrupting financial services through the power of game design to build new digital platforms for clients globally who want to acquire, engage and retain customers through a  telos of financial wellness.  Approaching life as a game is the most transformational opportunity available to executives looking for an opportunity to out compete the market. When we put our customer’s success at the heart of the product design process, framing everything in the context of a game, we force ourselves to answer fundamental questions around our purpose and relevance. When we do this, we unveil fabulous opportunities to provide consistently better levels of value and service.

Moroku Odyssey is a user experience orchestration and engagement platform for financial services companies

As Fintech changes the industry, customer engagement through unique experiences is becoming a critical  battleground. Moroku Odyssey, helps banks and FinTechs provide unique and compelling experiences to attract and engage customers around a telos of wellness.

Cap Gemini’s 2022 retail banking report follows that of others, confirming that customer engagement has become the finance industry’s number one priority.  To retain customers and drive value banks and FinTechs must invest in technologies that help them create stronger customer connections or be outcompeted by those that do. Capabilities are sought that allows them to deliver personalised customer engagement platforms. This means understanding where a customer is on their money and relationship journey (personalisation), then providing them with the feedback and support to continue based on that context (engagement).

The nirvana of this capability is an AI based system that knows customers intimately, understanding their money predicament, experiences, beliefs, values and behaviours to hyper-personalise the engagement. Getting there requires some chainsaw art, a crude attempt at modelling the broad range of humanity’s journey with money. As with any such grandiose attempt it presents as a set of theses and assumptions that can be tested and refined on the journey to the market of one.

 Delivering personalised journeys requires a definition of what financial success means across the market, codified as a capability map that knows where customers are, where they have come from and supports their journey forward. With this in place, a rich set of intrinsic and extrinsic nudges, rewards and awards that recognise loyalty and wellness across time, space and momentum can then be triggered. The intent is to allow customers to unlock, understand and exercise a set of financial habits and systems that compound to achieve mastery and through that, engagement, and loyalty.

Moroku’s vision is of a world where everyone is great with their money. To do that, financial services need to be engaging, fun and social. When service is this way, people pay attention, become curious, overcome challenges, grow skills, and embark on a journey to mastery. Characterised by games and social, customer engagement, of all ages and backgrounds, is being redefined. Customers want to have fun, take on challenges, be recognised, grow and share. Moroku’s Odyssey platform and processes create engaging financial services experiences for banks and FinTechs that empower and engage customers and helps them all to become great with money.

Over the last 10 years, Moroku has worked with over 100 financial service providers globally to understand and unpack money journeys. From mobile money in Africa and the underbanked in America and Bangladesh through to high-net-worth clients and some of the world’s largest banks and FinTechs in banking and payments Moroku has built up a unique and comprehensive viewpoint that is now being codified in Odyssey, a set of player maps that serve as our chainsaw art. 7 leagues, with 7 missions, 7 levels, 7 challenges and 7 archetypes to provide 16,807 initial coordinates on the map. Players are initially positioned on the map based on their demographics and relationship history to provide the first pass and generate gratitude. This is then reflected back to the customer as a set of challenges and opportunities that seem appropriate. As these are engaged with the recommendations get better. Data can be augmented with Open Banking connectors to provide a more  complete and accurate picture. Effort with other providers is also recognised, though not to the same extent as the platform provider.  Odyssey accomplishes two fundamental relationship wins for banks and FinTechs:

Loyalty, recognising all the customer has done and does with their money. The money earned, spent , saved, invested and borrowed.

Engagement around getting into their money work across the core missions, motivating, recognising and rewarding them fort staying in the game in recognition of the age-old adage that it’s not timing the market but time in the market that builds confidence, trust and success.


Having done a lot of work on who we are and why, seen customers, partners and staff come and go we have resolved to a single value.


Working in and with a fast paced FinTech is not for everyone. We need everyone to turn up and own their stuff. This takes an enormous amount of courage. Courage to ensure you’re being heard. Courage to be vulnerable, knowing that much of what you do might end of being wrong or questioned as such by us, our customers and the market. Courage to take the teams decision on things and run with it even if its the  opposite of your idea.

When we have the courage to walk into our story and own it, we get to write the ending: Brene Brown

I don’t know Billy. Sometimes I think courage is just the honesty to recognise your own weakness and then do something about it.” Billy The Kid. Season 1, Episode 2

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