About Us

As banking, becomes more digitised, the general population in the developed world is getting worse at it. Our preparedness for retirement and our use of credit for everyday living are worse than ever before. Concurrently we are spending more time attached to mobile, often engaged in activities that seem more trivial.

Treating financial services as a game is the most transformational opportunity available to financial services executives looking for an opportunity to out compete the market. When we put our customer’s success at the heart of the product design process, framing everything in the context of a game, we force ourselves to answer fundamental questions around our purpose and relevance. When we do this, we unveil fabulous opportunities to provide consistently better levels of value and service.

Moroku takes the principles of gaming and behavioural economics and applies them to build and run contemporary mobile banking experiences for banks. We drive customer engagement, financial literacy and action by making the mobile banking experience fun and giving them structure. Through the provision of a cloud service, banking templates and APIs we enable banks to rapidly deploy digital banking experiences that empower banks customers to create their financial future.

The Moroku leadership is available for Industry event keynotes and presentations on a variety of topics including Financial Literacy, Mobile banking and payments. For an example synopsis please click here.