Build your SME tribe

Small to medium size enterprises are the engine of our economies. Build their engine to build yours.

Small to medium sized businesses need help to run their business

Help that banks and fintechs have.

Cash Flow

Managing the ups and downs of cash flow is hard. Knowing what to do with surplus and how to cover shortfalls is not obvious.

Collecting Money

SMEs over represent in their use of cash because they trust it. Yet in a mobile world, digital payments, card, bank and non bank rails can generate more sales and ensure the business gets paid safely


Knowing who your customers are, building relationships and supporting loyalty is an age old business building method.


How well am I doing? In a world of uncertainty, it’s hard to know the relativity of progress, effort and outcomes .

Odyssey Journey Number 1 is *Earning

Odyssey is comprised of 7 money missions. The first is earning and this is as critical in the SME player league as any other. 

As an SME bank, take your SME customers on a journey of money , beginning with how they earn. Then you can get to lending with their cash flow profile understood.

Moroku Marrakash is our On Point of Sale as used by gloabl providers

Take Money

As software continues to eat the world, mobile phones can take payments from customers on the road without additional hardware. Your phone is your On Point of Sale.

Account Connected

All connected through faster payments to your main transaction account .​

Send Bills

For customers you know and trust, send them an invoice from your On Point of Sale

2 Dimensional Loyalty

Your SME customers get rewarded for loyalty as do their.​

Odyssey player maps for SME banking

Take your customers on a journey with their business. Lay out the levels from novice to master with challenges and skill building along they way as they take on the SME mission.


Deliver content around the basics of business financing and help them get the data you need to help them.


Shifting the needle on payment types is a key priority for banks and regulators, unlocking these payment types for businesses helps them understand and use them at their pace.


Whilst bankers like charts , its not always how SMEs see or interpret the world. Game based visualisations that show their performance relative to the world can build empathy and engagement

Loyalty and Reward

Running a SME can be lonely. Like everyone we value feedback , progress and gratitude for our loyalty and effort. Odyssey helps you define these moments and deliver them .

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