Open Banking

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Turn open banking from a compliance headache to a competitive weapon.

Open Banking has several benefits for banks.

Increased Competiton

Lending is the revenue engine of banks. Making a decision is dependent on fast access to income, expense, liability and asset data. The large banks have had this data locked away for a long time. Open Banking opens up this data for everyone. 

Better Solutions for Customers

Sharing banking data across providers promotes the development of better products and services. By understanding customers more deeply, offerings can be  designed to help customers and do that faster. 

Customer Centric Experience

For a long time, banking has been product centric “Here are our products” With Open Banking, richdata sets can enable the hyper personalisation of the customer experience

Build Trust

By providing increased transparency and control over financial data, Open Banking helps create greater trust within the financial services industry.

Our Open Banking Solutions and Services


Not sure how to plan your Open Banking strategy? Moroku can help you plan your compliance and compete approaches.


Lending is a price and speed game. By deploying Moroku Lending we will harness Open Banking to get you to coditional approval in th time it takes to make a cuppa tea

Personal Finance Management

A compelling user experience, wth all of a custoemrs money on a single pane of lass is now in the reach of financial service providers with Moroku Money


The demands to know your custoemrs mount. Bt connecting financial service providers  the risk of identity is shared an diluted.


Moroku brings Open Banking expert Basiq to the table in Australia to meet all of your CDR goals and ambitions.

Hyper Personalisation

By consuming open banking data into the Odyssey player maps, a deeper understadning of where a customer has come from and where they are going is attained to enable more personalised support for their money journey

Let us help you to grow your business with Open Banking

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