Application Support Services

Moroku provides support between 9:00am and 5pm AEST. Fault reports will be accepted via email to

Responses times will be in accordance with the times as detailed in the Application Service Levels section below.

Where a fault is in the application, Moroku will provide a new build of the application and promote it into production.

Moroku will fix all Severity 1 and 2 application faults .

All Severity 3 & 4 faults will be documented and completed under any development services agreement

Severity Level Definitions

An emergency situation, in which the production system of the relevant software produces materially incorrect results or is not available without any acceptable workaround.
Significant loss of functionality; major operational inconvenience but a workaround does exist.
No significant loss of functionality. Some operational inconvenience.
Minimal inconvenience or a cosmetic issue. No loss of functionality.


Target initial response time (hrs.)       6
Target Resolution Time (hrs.)     24
Target Resolution Time (hrs.)     48
Target initial response time (hrs.)       12
Target Resolution Time (hrs.)     72
Target initial response time (hrs.)       24
Target Resolution Time (hrs.)     Unlimited
Target initial response time (hrs.)      48