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MOROKU Odyssey

The journey of success.

For service providers, who want to engage customers and reward loyalty, Moroku Odyssey connects to transaction and data platforms to recognise customer efforts, reward their success and support them through the challenges with content and nudges, all delivered in real time through the digital experience. 


Unlike other loyalty and engagement systems , Moroku Odyssey, combines game theory, data and AI to build emotional connection.


Available as a set of APIs or an increasing set of white label services , Moroku helps banks, Fintechs and health providers win by helping their customers win.

Wellness via game is now everyone's idea.

More than a set of tips and tools, Odyssey provides a holistic view of the financial journey to position financial wellness across the digital experience.

The journey to skill via flow.

We don’t think as much as we think we think, propelled more by how we feel. We need to be guided from not knowing how unskilled we are (unconscious incompetence) through the stages of learning to being skilled (unconsious competence), developing systems in a way that seems effortless and enjoyable.

A journey of habits

Increasing numbers of service providers want their customers to be well and require that to be defined within the digital experience of their products and services.

Moroku provides this by way of Odyssey, a behaviour driven data mapset of configurable options that lays out a journey of habits, discipline and skill building across the major wellness systems.

With money these missions include  Earning, Spending, Saving, Lending, Investing, Protecting and Helping.

In physical health they involve, diet, exercise, sleep , mindfullness and so on.


Net Engagement Score.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) has long been used to judge consumer sentiment. Yet a revision is due. Rather than measure how much customers liked them, an amorphous idea, Spotify introduced a fundamental shift to the business model by targeting engagement as the key measure  of success. We call this the Net Engagement Score

Giving you and your customers the capability to compete.

Construed as game

We can no longer hope that customers know what to do with their money and lifestyles to achieve wellness and have the volition to do so. We can no longer hope that if we provide them with enough education they will learn. By construing the service offering as a game we play to our natural instincts to play, grow and win.

Keep your customers engaged

Avoid paradox of choice by progressively unlocking capabilities and challenges to keep customers engaged and levelling up.

Get the balance right

Sometimes there are times for intrinsic rewards, other times extrinsic. Intelligent systems gets this balance right.

Hyper Personalised, Data Driven Nudge Engine

As a HPDDNE , Odyssey provides the maps, leagues and initial rule sets and events that respond to the transaction and life events that coach the data platform to increasingly personalise the nudges and the game.


Odyssey based finapps

Whilst the vast majority of finapps now have budget calculators and money systems bolted on as customer mouse traps, Odyssey based apps have a telos of customer success, ensuring everything is lined up, joined up and telling a single on-message story. 

The Odyssey to segment of one and hyper personalisation with AI.

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Odyssey is an engagement platform for financial service providers that want improved customer acquisition and retention. As market competition continues to heat up, customer engagement is the battleground. Moroku’s behavioural banking engine helps banks, credit unions and fintechs attract and engage customers around a telos of financial wellness and an architecture of game.

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