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As a cloud-based architecture, the digital experience needs a method of understanding who a player is, in a way that is anonymised but mapped to a customer behind the firewall. This ensures player state can be managed as they journey their money terrain whilst the platform remains indifferent to cyber theft attack

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Passwordless, anonymised, token based identity provides a strong, secure authentication solution with a better user experience.  Attack vectors such as phishing, password theft, and replay attacks are no longer a concern as your institution maintains PII behind your firewalls.

The Odyssey Identity Provider  provides a lightweight Oauth2 authentication solution for users to authenticate themselves with the rest of the system. This doesn’t feature complicated Identity and Access Management (IAM) , though it does provide very basic IAM. 

The Auth Server can be set up directly on any cloud infrastructure such as AWS. Moroku does need access to this though to perform upgrades and general maintenance. As the Auth Server is deliberatley not multi-tenanted, a separate server instance must be set up for each client/identity deplyong Odyssey.

The Auth Server plugs into the client’s user management system but doesn’t require access to customers’ accounts and doesn’t move money around.  User credentials are never stored on the Auth Server. The Auth Server is very configurable and the interaction can be tailored to the needs of each client.



The financial services industry should be leading the world in putting passwords behind us.

Go password-free with the most secure authentication patterns in the industry.

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