Event engine

Contextual driven event engines need context

The context of all customer success platforms is the customer’s success. How do you derive that ?

Unlock the millions of events

Placing the millions of events from transactional systems into the context of a set of player missions and challenges gives the user exeprience meaning.

Experience platforms are event driven to ensure that they are contextual. It is no longer sufficient to map out standard, linear, one size fits all products and services that customers have to figure out how to use. Data driven events determine and increasingly personalise content and services for customers based on their context – who is the customer, where are they in their journey individually and in context to their relationship with the bank? How long have they been here and where are they up to?

Driven by Amazon and Netflix, basic personalised insights have become table stakes for financial institutions by the end of 2022. As Customers are starting to expect a higher level of personal interactions from their bank, data-driven personalisation can make it happen.

Consumers and small business owners expect their banks to go beyond traditional account offerings and provide reliable suite of tools and resources to help them understand and improve their financial health. This includes giving them a lightning-fast overview of where their money is and how it’s being used, available at their fingertips,” Chase’s chief product officer, Rohan Amin, recently wrote. Consumers and small-business owners will demand more personalisation, he added, which will lead to “hyper-personalised features that deliver tailored experiences based on real-time dynamic signals” 

Whilst AI has been focussed on Chatbots and credit risk to date, digital intelligence will increasingly be used to hyper-personalise the experience and drive the segment of one, fine tuning the rules by which events are created and reacted to. A host of outcomes will be prompted through notifications and other mobile first style game mechanics as customers journey through the engagement loop within the guard rails of the money roller coaster.

The Event Service operates as the black box for the multi-dimensional player journey, providing a stackable if this, then that nudge engine that triggers win states and other boundaries between the cogs of the engagement loop.

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