digital loan origination

Digital loan origination for small banks and credit unions that want to be able to originate loans within the time it takes to make a cuppa tea and do that economically and quickly, without complex integration

Digital Loan Origination

You won’t find a better combination of speed and modernity anywhere else.

Help customers through the lending journey, allowing them to do that faster, with more confidence, to build deeper relationships through product leadership and recognition as a trusted advisor.

Increase speed to decision

Ditch the spreadsheets and get the data to your loan decisioning team fast and in a format that allows them to run lean, with speed. 

Focus on the pinch point

Operations 101

Operations 101 in any manufacturing process is oriented around identifying pinch points and removing them. Pinch points are anywhere you have a build-up of inputs or rework. Any improvement other than at the pinch pint is an illusion, i.e. not an improvement. Often times in lending these pinch points are not at settement into the  system, but further upstream within the customer and staff experience, i.e. getting the data and making decisions. 


Funnel Management

See what loans are where in the sales cycle through the loan officer portal , click on them, review the application, follow up, approve or reject. An agile business!

A contemporary lending experience.

Pre and Post Sales

Whilst you work on the back end , make sure the customer experience is top notch.

Whilst large banks dominate the landscape of money, changing competition and advanced automation continue to squeeze the margin between deposits and lending unless margin can be found in the provision of additional sources of value or obscurity.

With so much talk about recession, inflation and cost of living pressure, customers are increasingly bamboozled by choice and noise. Customers are responding by turning to mortgage brokers and exiting digital channels. 

Opportunity exists by targetting existing and niche customers as a trusted advisor combined with product leadership; helping customers understand their money with great customer experience. 

Moroku Money Lending addresses this challenge across the presales and post sales journey with a great loan application experience, that can operate standalone, integrated within digital channels or other loan origination systems.

Contemporary Web Services

The power of game design. The speed of open banking.

Google Map Look Ups, Basiq Open Banking, HMEs and Credit Score calculations and looks ups , all included 

Banks, Fintechs and Credit Unions use Moroku to Deliver what Others can't.

Offering services that deepen the relationship and increase loyalty.

Differentiate through innovative products for which they can command premium prices, being valued for the quality, including timeliness, of their products.

Help the customer

Using game design, set the customer up for success.

Digital Onboarding

Uploading identity documents and creating new customers.

fast applications

Open Banking to access customer’s data at other financial institutions, then run it through the analytics engine to improve and speed decisioning.

Funnel management

Kanban boards to see what loans are where in the funnel.

Product Pathways

Take customers on different journeys based on their product and life choices.

Improved Data Quality

Property search and field validation to improve data quality and provide richer, more timely, experiences.

Built by delivering to some of the world's most ambitious customers.

Moroku has been working with some of the worlds leading fintech and banking brands to discover how game thinking can empower the next generation of banking experiences that take customers on a journey with their money. With MorokuMoney, this has now been democratised.

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Digital is rapidly commoditising banking around the world, forcing participants to compete on margin erosion and funding. In the new engagement economy, there is an alternative: Harness the power of game to build digital experiences that deepen customer relationships, provide value and are relevant by supporting customers to thrive with their money.

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