Fintech Awards 2022

Moroku awarded

"Most innovative financial services engagement platform 2022"


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the financial landscape has been dominated by long-standing brick and mortar establishments for decades. However, over the last decade, we have seen a new wave of business take centre stage – those that have capitalised on new best technological practices and developments to deliver a better, more mobile, more client centric service. Of course, there are others who have planted themselves at the crux of this innovation, reinvigorating the financial landscape through exceptional tech.

Now in its sixth year, Wealth & Finance magazine’s FinTech Awards was launched to recognise the firms that are redefining finance and banking for the modern age, and for the ever-changing modern consumer.  

Moroku has won the award for the most innovative financial services engagement platform Moroku (2022 Winner: FinTech Awards) – Wealth and Finance International (


Moroku Odyssey is an orchestration and engagement platform for financial services companies. Operating from the cloud it integrates into financial service providers digital infrastructure to drive engagement and promote loyalty. Player maps determine where customers are on their journey then provides incentive, feedback and reward for their progress. As the fintech market continues to explode, customer engagement is the battleground. The Moroku SaaS platform helps banks, wealth providers and FinTechs attract and engage customers around a telos of financial wellness, supporting relationship building characteristics of gratitude, empathy, and support within the digital experience. 

Moroku CEO, Colin Weir, comments on receipt of the award “As the financial services industry continues to get unbundled, the focus is turning away from simple digital hygiene to a consumer first play. Customers are demanding personalised, fun , engaging, rewarding and value creating experiences. To compete, banks and FinTechs need an engine within their infrastructure that understands where customers have come from, where they’re going and how to help guide, nudge, support and reward them for doing that. Moroku improves brand and customer acquisition by helping banks and wealth management companies deliver mobile first applications that support customers’ positive financial habits, marketing with a new brand promise. We’re delighted with this recognition from Wealth and Finance International”

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