The art, science and philosophy of digital banking engagement

The world is evolving quickly. Digital is breaking down previous boundaries and barriers to entry. The branch was where banks built brands and relationships. Today a technological revolution is brewing with the ubiquity of smartphones, digital currency, social media, video gaming, artificial intelligence, internet, and virtual reality. These are combined to completely alter the playing field, the players, the competition, and the rules. As they do so, the design rules are being transformed to engage us more fully, allowing users to explore their worlds, be connected to a broader set of their senses, feel better and achieve more. 

For over 50 years we have been designing computer interfaces based on the Easy-to-Use mantra. It has got to us to where we are, but is unlikely to be taking us to where we are going. Money is not easy to use and customers’ expectations from experiences is that they go beyond the mere facilitation of a service to a world where they help them be better.

Following Moroku’s addition to the Temenos Marketplace, Colin Weir, CEO of Moroku and Martin Bailey, Director of Innovation and Ecosystem at Temenos co-authored a blog on the art, science and philosophy of digital banking engagement in advance of completing an integration between the two platforms

Check out the video discussing the integration of Moroku Odyssey and Temenos Infinity and Transact showing how customers can be rewarded for strong money habits and loyalty