Youth Banking Segment

Moroku is passionate about building long term value by helping kids learn the fundamentals of banking and including them in the financial system. Our beliefs create our reality and if we can influence these positively magic can happen. Fintech companies are targetting the Millennials market segment across the world and challenging …

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Building Viral Banking Platforms

Moroku wants all kids to build a healthy relationship with and beliefs around money. We want to do this because we have a sense that money is a major way that we measure success and whilst it doesn’t create happiness there is no doubt that it is involved in many …

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Do Not Fire and Forget

Global revenue from mobile games is expected to rise 21% to about $37 billion this year. That’s twice what retail banks will spend on digital.  This growth has driven the China super hero Tencent to take a 84% stake in Supercell, the maker of the very popular Clash of Clans …

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