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Moroku’s GameSystem Developer Portal is read for any developer to begin adding gamification to their application

Talk to Moroku about recontextualising your app within a game architecture.
Define the rules and game play.
Begin building, wiring in the GameSystem API for the fun.

GameSystem is the world’s first and only purpose built Financial Services Gamification platform and is now available to any developer needing to add some fun to their app. The GameSystem is complete set of technologies for the deployment and operation of the next generation of mobile banking, wealth management applications and others that employ motivational theory to build muscle through habits and fun.

Game Control
The GameServer control panel lets you set the trigger points for reward and penalty based on the customer activities you define along with the nature of any quizzes and other en-route activities.
Game Mechanics
Moroku GameServer embeds a powerful range of game mechanics to motivate, educate and engage your customers, individually as well as collectively.
GameServer provides you the information you need to understand who’s winning, who’s losing and who’s engaging how, allowing you to refine the game and further improve the engagement education and experience.
Client API
Build a client application using the Client API to perform requests on behalf of a GameSystem Player. Create goals, challenge your friends, accept a mission, and much more.
Admin API
Administer your GameSystem with the Admin API to create or manage content available to your Players. Either use the Moroku GameSystem Admin Console or build your own using the Admin API.
Review guides and learn more about the GameSystem.
Client SDKs
SDKs to integrate client applications with the Game Server APIs. You can either write your own client code which adheres to the API documentation, or use one of the provided SDKs to do it for you.
Free to start then upgrade your app to one of our paid subscription plans to make the most of what the GameSystem has to offer. If none of the available plans suit your needs, please contact us and we’ll be happy to talk about your requirements.