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Moroku makes banking fun. When we make things fun people, turn up, play, enjoy themselves and win. When banking is like this, banks are on purpose and can build strategic competitive advantage beyond price.

The Moroku GameSystem

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Gamification of Financial Planning

Almost 40% of workers with a retirement plan in the United States are woefully unprepared for retirement, with less than $25,000 in total savings and investments. That’s not a huge surprise when you consider that 21% of workers with an employer-sponsored retirement plan are not contributing to their plan; 44% are saving less than ...


Building Viral Banking Platforms

Moroku wants all kids to build a healthy relationship with and beliefs around money. We want to do this because we have a sense that money is a major way that we measure success and whilst it doesn’t create happiness there is no doubt that it is involved in many ...


The Great Savings Game

Funding Banking Retail banking is a simple game at its heart: Banks lend money to customers and make money on the margin derived from what it costs to get that money (Net Interest Income). On top of that they then look for cross sell opportunities such as cards and insurance. ...


What we all need to do is so important

Moroku help banks help their customers win. We do this by building digital experiences that motivate customers to save not spend and through this model build sustainable banking businesses based on liquidity as opposed to net interest income (NII) and fees. This is both really important and really hard. This ...


Customers Winning