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Moroku makes banking fun. When we make things fun people, turn up, play, enjoy themselves and win. When banking is like this, banks are on purpose and can build strategic competitive advantage beyond price.

The Moroku GameSystem

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Percolations from Pioneers in FinTech

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The Great Savings Game

Funding Banking Retail banking is a simple game at its heart: Banks lend money to customers and make money on the margin derived from what it costs to get that money (Net Interest Income). On top of that they then look for cross sell opportunities such as cards and insurance. ...


Moroku’s 2017 Mahavakya

The Mahavakyas are the great sentences of the ancient wisdom traditions in India and are contained in the Upanishads. Maha is Great, and Vakyas are sentences, or utterances for contemplation. They are simply the Big Ideas. Moroku’s Mahavakya is that after a life of work, people, particularly those in the developed world, should rightly expect to have ...


Do Not Fire and Forget

Global revenue from mobile games is expected to rise 21% to about $37 billion this year. That’s twice what retail banks will spend on digital.  This growth has driven the China super hero Tencent to take a 84% stake in Supercell, the maker of the very popular Clash of Clans ...


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