What’s Pink and defines motivation ?

We are tasked with building strategic digital engagement, engagement that doesn’t wear off after the initial dopamine injection of a new bouncy ball, animation or feature, all of which soon becomes de rigueur and aped.

The difference between humans and animals is our look to the future. We seek purpose, causes greater than ourselves. It’s why we leave high paying jobs, volunteer and have children.  What we hunger for, argues Viktor Frankl  in “Mans Search For Meaning” is not a tensionless, chilled out “Yoga” state but rather striving and struggling. We’re here to win.

Daniel Pink extends the list to three factors that  drive our human beingness: mastery, autonomy and purpose. In his book “Drive – the secret to high performance and satisfaction”  he shares the deeply human need to direct our own lives, to learn, create new things, grow and do better.

Purpose: The connection to identity, motivating us more than money, status or am upgraded health policy

Autonomy: Having control over our own destiny and how we respond to the road ahead.

Mastery: The chance to break from our past.

These factors become the pattern for system design when the design is oriented around the player, seeking to enable mastery and do that every day. Building muscle through habit.

These concepts are inherent in Game Design and why it is such a powerful approach for designing Customer experiences, as emotional reward trumps material compensation, intrinsic rather than extrinsic reward rule the world.



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