The intelligent application of game mechanics and techniques to secure customer engagement

To meet the expectations of game design, significant consideration must be given to the strategic concepts. Success is underpinned by following the rules of game design.

That’s why we give you the GameSystem Design Methodology.

The Moroku GameSystem Design Methodology is the process for defining the opportunity for and application of fun and social within the digital experience. The process combines business strategy, game design, innovation, behavioural science and design thinking to deliver customer engagement..

Moroku offers the Moroku GameSystem Design Methodology to companies with commoditised and highly transactional products looking to compete with game science.

Engagements are fixed price and conducted on site or virtually by senior members of the Moroku team

The deliverables are:

Initial Player Journeys
Tested low fidelity prototypes
Technical and commercial due diligence
Build approach