Moroku Labs

Moroku Labs is an incubator for startups to create and build their businesses on the Moroku GameSystem.

Moroku Labs takes Moroku’s experience of building tech companies across the world, but specifically in the UK, the USA and Australia and all that entails and makes that experience available to startups along with our platforms, design and engineering capabilities.

Lab partners commence their journey by way of an advisory agreement that reviews the plan for the business and the immediate 90 day needs and is provided for on an equity stake basis with an assumption that Moroku will provide GameSystem and potentially additional consultancy as the plans formulate through build, test, learn, raise and launch. The model creates a virtuous circle for Moroku, Moroku Labs and the startup where the strategic direction and incentives to succeed are strongly aligned. Partnerships are qualified on a case by case basis with the only mandate being the integration of the GameSystem into the partner product to drive user engagement.

Moroku Labs has 3 fintechs in its current cohort

1/ A Neo bank
2/ A business tools platform for financial advisors
3/ A financial marketplace

Each of these partners is leveraging the full range of Moroku’s experience by way of a tailored engagement

For more information on Moroku Labs and how to apply email



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