Moroku Gamesystem Digital Banking Capability Model

Banks should be capability driven to ensure that IT operations are efficient, flexible and aligned to business strategy, data and processes are integrated cross operationally with financial systems and that the correct portfolio and risk management strategies are in place.

The Moroku Digital Banking Capability model codifies Moroku’s experiences building digital banking platforms since the late 1990s. It describes the business architecture and allows digital banks to be deliberate about what they are building with whom, through the vendor selection process and through into execution. The capability model introduces increasing levels of refinement around what the business needs across eight capabilities. The Digital Banking Capability Model defines the people, processes, data and technology building blocks required to manifest the customer experience journeys  with a common language.


  • Capture the business and customer interests
  • Are the building blocks of the organisation
  • Are unique and independent from each other
  • Are aligned to business functions required to support the FinTech business model

The Moroku Capability Model is a Moroku services lead engagement that leverages Moroku’s digital bank building experience to help banks be deliberate and modern about what they are building with whom.

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