True Customer Centricity means Customer Success

The POS opportunity is an opportunity to help merchants win

Banks must be proactive if their payments businesses are to survive in the face of fundamental market transformations. It will no longer be sufficient to regard payments as utility products; commoditised, undifferentiated and volume-driven.  Successful payments providers will be those who:

Are Payment Proximate

Taking a strategic view of payments, successful providers will seek out the platforms and contexts within which payments happen, creating them or partnering with those that do, devising and offering value-added solutions and products, within which to embed their payment and finance solutions

Meet Expectations

Facebook, Apple, Google, Uber and Clash of Clans have redefined the User Experience and the expectations of customers. Those that update their technology to deliver services and solutions in line with customer expectations will win

Target High Growth

Target high-growth and poorly served customer segments such as small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)

Welcome to Marrakash – The marketplace home of Moroku

Android App for Sellers

Sellers download the app from the marketplace or app store and imemdiately start selling -Thats it!

Web Portal

Business Owners login to the web portal, set up their catalogue, invite sellers and watch the results

Payment Orchestrator

Banks and Payment Providers use the Marrakash Payment Orchestrator to plug in their payment gateways and applications

Fully Hosted

Marrakaksh runs on one of the world’s most trusted financial servcies clouds. Just turn us on

SMEs are the growth engine of the global economy

Back the job, innovation and value creators

Total Employment

Formal SMEs contribute up to 60% of total employment

National Income

SMEs contribute up to 40% of national income (GDP) in emerging economies

Lack Access to Credit

Overall, approximately 70% of all micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in emerging markets lack access to credit

Whatever You Provide your SMEs Give Them Your Best!

Invest in helping them run great businesses

SME Contribtion to Global GDP

Begin building your targetted SME strategy today