Marketing as a Service

Marketing as a Service

The Financial Services Industry is undergoing significant disruption and transformation

Ongoing government review and media focus on behaviours within the traditional incumbent banks, rapid technical innovation, enablement of true customer centricity through increased digital capabilities and substantial investment in the fintech eco-system by established and emerging players are driving change.

Early adopters of Chore Scout have recognised the opportunity to implement Chore Scout as a valuable tool to differentiate their offering and build competitive advantage.

While their relationship with customers has centered on consultancy services and Chore Scout technical integration, Moroku has identified an opportunity to also provide a Marketing as a Service (MaaS) solution. As well as the technology, Moroku provides through the MaaS, a managed marketing service for connecting and engaging parents and families around financial fitness for children. This enables our Chore Scout customers to accelerate implementation, and build awareness, engagement and usage of Chore Scout to fully realise the value of the solution and ultimately build their corporate brand preference and advocacy.

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Brand Management Services We Provide

Moroku provides 4 levels of Chore Scout Marketing Services to provide initial and/or ongoing marketing and communication services to our Chore Scout customers. The scope of each level varies based on our client’s internal capability and resourcing, investment appetite and current marketing activity.

Level 1

Branding – Beyond Dinosaurs and Dragons, what other mascots could align well to your brand ? Chore Scout has a range of options for you to create and manifest a child brand identity. Your creative team may do this, or let us develop your visual identity, personality, style guides and copy

Level 2

Marketing and Promotion – 10 weeks of Pre and 1st month launch activity including marketing strategy, digital ecosystem development, go-to-market plan, communications activation, PR and promotion

Level 3

Marketing and Promotion Implementation Program – 3-month program which includes level 1 & 2 and the creation of templated material for agreed channels with focus on social. Includes social posts, PR releases and internal communication materials.

Level 4:

Social media Content and management. Weekly blog posts with tips and tricks for families on best practices when it comes to building financial fitness