Interview with a bank CX and Technology Team

This week Moroku Chief was interviewed by the CX and Technology teams of an international bank. Here’s the transcript

Can you share some of the key design principals & expected outcomes of your product?

  • Jakobs law of UX is a key principle _ customers are spending enormous amounts of time in game and social . These platforms are raising the bar and defining the next generation of user experience. When they arrive from these experiences to ours, we better be ready for them, providing customers with the level of emotional connection within the experiecne they have become accustomed to and demand.
  • Flow theory as defined by  Legendary psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s famous investigations of “optimal experience” , recognising that life isn’t linear and that we need to operate within the boundaries of challenge and skill and use this to center the journey

What type of gaming component is currently available & what’s in the roadmap/pipeline?

We don’t have big belief in gaming components per se. We have rolled a mini game into our children’s banking app that will release through a group of credit unions in the USA in the 2nd half of this year. This will see the children’s pocket money land in the back of a spaceship for  shooting into savings starts and spending black holes. There are a libraries full of these in places like Unity that can also be embedded through GNU licensing to unleash creativity and engagement there.

That said there are 3 gaming principles that very powerful that we will continue to build out:

  1. Design : flow theory  : skills and challenge
  2. Mechanics: which nudges are provided to who , when based on flow.
  3. Archetypes. Using the core archetypes and building these out. Beyond the Bartle Taxonomy of player types; socialises, achievers, killers and explorers


How would you differentiate your product from other gamification platforms?

  • Financial services ready
  • Data science for dynamism

Which markets do you have experience in & where you are targeting your growth?

  • Financial services has been a focus of the team
  • We are seeing some great opps in energy and government

How do you see the evolution of UI/UX & how are you positioning your product to stand out from the pack?

We strongly believe in the concepts of hyper personalisation. As banks swim in the sea of sameness , connecting to customers and building emotional connection through authentic customer success platforms, built to help the customer success is key competitive strategy. Ease of Use got us where we are today which is a great place. The future will be all about fun to use as we employ game theory to build platforms that help people thrive and do that at an individual level, not just the pithy application of someone’s idea about how much coffee we should or should not be drinking. Hyper personalisation – it informs the segment of one!


The Interview follows the publication of another interview at Startup.Info that you can read here.



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