Where players live... or don't

The Black Box is where the story unfolds as challenges are encountered, skill are developed, competition arises, players win, fail and learn. They become the rules within which the game is played, defined simplistically then hyper personalized over time as the machine learns who they are and the evolving ecosystem within which players exist …. or don’t


Shift Happens

When shift happens, player or non player they are logged, and saved with any associated attributes. Event  names  and any requirements for when they are logged are a core part of the Game System. The system provides packages of events based on different domains. A package can be chosen by the client so that the Game System comes pre-configured with all the events in the package. Events can be intra-gamesystem or external, whereby they are  logged via an API call. An example might be a bank that sends a request to log an event when a player logs-in to their internet banking website or a coffee shop that logs an event when a player visits the store. This allows the player’s game experience to be augmented by things happening outside of a particular Game System application.


The game’s guard rails

The GameSystem rules engine exists to outline the rules of the game, allowing the rules to be set and then be event driven such that players receive the necessary feedback to allow them to understand the rules of the game and make progress. The rules engine exists as a stack able, if this then that, engine. Administrators manage rules by a console


The demands

A rule’s predicates are the requirements that the Player must meet in order to trigger the rule. A rule may have one or more predicates and each predicate can be joined together either with an AND or an OR. A rule predicate is linked to a particular event and all of it’s attributes. An example of a rule predicate might be: ‘when a Player Login Event is created for the first time’. 


The outcomes

A consequent is triggered once all of the rule’s predicates have been satisfied. A consequent is the result of a rule and is responsible for taking some action, i.e. awarding the player in some way. Example of consequents include awarding the player with points, achievements, or real life rewards. Consequents can be joined together in order to take more than one action, e.g. awarding a player with points AND an achievement.

Admin Console

It’s life – making up the rules as you go along!

The rules admin console provides a simple and user friendly way of creating and configuring rules. The interface is point and click and allows the user to select various options from drop down menus to set up the predicates and consequents. As the user constructs a rule, it is translated on the fly into a human readable sentence explaining the rule in a more friendly manner. Once the admin is happy with the rule, they can hit save and the rule will be immediately updated on the Game System

Rules API

Hand off to the machines

The rules API allows system level users, people and machines, to view, create, delete and configure rules. Rules that are created or configured by the API take effect immediately, however the results of any previously triggered rules will not be affected.

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