Chore Scout Mobile Applications

Chore Scout is a white label mobile banking application. Each time Moroku sells the application to a bank or credit union, the client provides Moroku with 

  1. A list of assets as outlined here
  2. Their core banking APIs so the parent can create accounts and transfer money between parent and child

With these, Moroku creates a new build of the apps in Android and iOS for the client as well as a new tenant for the client on the ChoreScout server. This build is produced using our automated CI/CD pipeline, using Bitrise. Whenever we create a new production release, all client builds are also reproduced.

Chore Scout has two mobile applications, one for parents, the other for their children. The application allows the parent to create chores for their child to complete, and to set an allowance for them with the capability to pay a set amount into their child’s account, dependent upon their child’s completion of their tasks.

The Chore Scout server sits on Heroku

Children are able to view a list of chores to complete, submit completed chores with a photo, create a savings goal and then choose how much of their allowance to take as cash in hand (for spending) vs. saving towards their goal.

Technologies used

Mobile Apps are currently native iOS and Android

The Server is a Ruby 2.5.1 on Rails 5.2.1 application deployed on Heroku

The Server exposes via REST APIs for exposure of chore, allowance and goal data within digital channels

Bank Side integration requires internet facing API’s to be exposed by the bank to login, get list of accounts, transfer money intra account and create new sub account