Bank Families

Chore Scout is a white label mobile banking app that allows banks and credit unions to bank families

Fully Configurable

Moroku’s software factory allows each bank to choose its own name, mascot, logo, colours, fonts and theme

Software as a Service

All non bank interactions, such as chores and allowances, are hosted in the worlds best cloud environments for scalability, security and economy


Set up chores and allowances


Set savings goals, do chores, earn allowances, build savings habits

Unique Features

  • Cloud Hosted

    Non bank interactions hosted on secure and scalable cloud infrastructure

  • Brandable

    As a white label app, you choose the name, colours, mascot, messages and fonts

  • Crowd Innovation

    You join our growing group of banks around the world and benefit from their ideas

  • Regular Updates

    Quarterly App Updates

  • Delivery Options

    Mutliple delivery options, whether you take the apps, embed the capabilities within your own, or consume services across multiple channels

  • Software as a Service

    Economic billing terms based on volume – you pay for what you use

How It Works

Book a call

Speak to us to confirm its right for you

Confirm your creative idea

Set your creative team alight and let us know your creative idea. Or let us build one for you

Application Programming Interfaces

Provide us access to a small set of internet facing APIs so we can plug you in

Join the tribal banking revolution

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