The Game Toolkit


The Story is the first part of the toolkit. The narrative is the context within which the player is playing. Who they are, their objectives, feelings, relationships and objectives. As it is bigger than the organisation, it is more powerful. We start with story lead design , the most effective way to merge meaning and emotions.


As the story unfolds and the black box catches and evaluates state, there are outcomes which always end up in some for of a nudge, to the player to help them know where they are in the story and how they are getting along.

Black Box

Once the story has been told we progress to building out the black box. This is where the story unfolds as challenges are encountered, skill are developed, competition arises, players win, fail and learn. They become the rules within which the game is played, defined simplistically then hyper personalized over time as the machine learns who they are and the evolving ecosystem within which they exist, or don’t.


With story, rules, and nudges agreed we can now manifest these within an application that is aligned to the brand, the players expectations and the technology stack (player and company) in play, rounding out the toolkit to deliver a game lead user experience whereby the organisation wins by helping the player win.
Moroku applies game design to make otherwise commoditised and transactional experiences engaging. When the world is like this, people turn up, play, enjoy themselves and win. When service providers harness this power, they are on purpose and build competitive advantage beyond price.

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