Energy companies must engage customer on the energy challenge

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Our relationship with energy is changing fast

Energy companies must engage customer on the energy challenge


With many of us living pay check to pay check and going backwards fast on debt, we are increasingly price sensitive. Building awareness and putting people in control of their usage and expenses is a great place to plant a tent pole.

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The data on storms and catastrophic events is concerning. Whether its wildfires, storms, droughts or floods, keeping homes and businesses operating becomes increasingly difficult, especially when the poles and wires lie in the tiger’s eye and peak load causes black and brown outs.

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We are hurtling towards a future devoid of abundance and maybe us. The planet will survive, but with how many of the existing species is unclear unless we change how we move and produce energy. With Tesla on a tear, investors demand cleaner energy.

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Does it continue to be a commodity game?

Customers won on price are usually lost on price

Energy products have long been the world’s premier commodities. Consumers demand that power and fuel are available when they want it and they prefer to pay less for it. Few know or care where their power comes from. For years energy companies believed that efforts to differentiate their products were mostly ineffective.

Having consulted the greatest designers, agencies and consultancies in the world they produce engagements that are devoid of meaning, connection or call to action.

what could be the different?

Commission Moroku to redesign and deliver the customer experience as a game

Customers won on purpose are kept on purpose

Setting everything up as a competition where consumers are rewarded, engaged and excited about the very important work they are doing

what could be the different?

Our relationship with energy is changing fast



We change the story from one of price to creating a mission for everyone to join in on and rally around


Bottom Up

We use our game design methodology to design the mission, with all of the levels, challenges, contests and social elements to engage customers, taking everyone on the journey.



With the high order game designed, we work together with our customers to deliver that within the mobile apps and websites that lights up the meter and other transaction data with fun , reward and social.

Sounds perfect right?



We plug in the Moroku GameSystem to deliver the game experience within the digital channels, providing the points, badges, missions, win states, competitions and other fun elements. Simply put, it manages the game.