GameSystem Design Sprint

As events around the world unfold, new themes of sustainability, digital and connection are illuminating the way forward

Winning in digital means that enterprises must master:

Operational excellence through automation and through that get speed and quality at reduced cost

The Customer by segmenting to the tribe and the individual, where people connect around shared values and success

For your the customer, financial wellness maybe your idea.

Perhaps it is sustainable energy for the planet. Perhaps you have another.

Regardless, its success is entirely dependent on people creating habits around your idea.

The Moroku GameSystem Design Sprint blends game design, flow theory and agile to assist organisations locate the customer win, design a set of player missions around that, embedding fun and social into the very essence of their customer value proposition, to create a road map of innovations with which to compete for the customer.


The Moroku Game Design Sprint is a 2 week process for identifying the opportunity for fun and social within the digital experience. The process combines business strategy, game design, innovation, behavior science and design thinking.

Participants learn how to embed game design by way of player journeys into the customer experience and incorporate strategic gamification into the digital road map

The process is led by Moroku and involving technology and business elements of the digital team of our client. The process concludes with a player tested prototype and inputs for a planning sprint, to take the ideas and determine how to take them into production.

You will learn a lot about how people think, such as their cognitive biases and how to use game design to overcome them


Use the GameSystem Design Sprint to build an idea that has value and purpose, be differentiated, credible and compelling, a creative platform for staff to rally behind and for society to embrace. Show customers something new. Take a risk and be daring. Take on vested interests and achieve transformative change.
Moroku applies game design to make otherwise commoditised and transactional experiences engaging. When the world is like this, people turn up, play, enjoy themselves and win. When service providers harness this power, they are on purpose and build competitive advantage beyond price.

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