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The Digital Engagement Platform

Moroku Odyssey positions players on a financial journey map then embeds game into the customer experiences to attract, engage, educate and motivate players. We take the essence of game dynamics (structure, flow, levels etc ) with game mechanics such as fun, play, transparency, sharing and challenge—and make them available to applications so they can become sticky.

Moroku Odyssey is a powerful and flexible platform which supports multiple financial journeys across leagues and missions.

Service providers like banks, wealth managers, insurance companies, media companies, utility companies and government agencies have to compete with this dazzling array of  fun things to do in order to get their customers attention on the otherwise boring mundane tasks of living: Paying bills, saving money, managing spend, filling out forms, going to interviews, doing jobs. Encouraging customers to spend as much time on the routine as they do on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Farmville is hard work.

Moroku presents a new set of services and applications that enable service providers to:

  • Make the customer experience fun, engaging and rewarding, luring customers to fall in love and stay in love with the applications.
  • Leverage a decade of good work in preparing rich ‘core’ web services.
  • Destroy deployment times by running non-core functions, gamification and security perimeters in the cloud.


Players are managed along with their game attributes and connected  to client accounts via a behind-firewall mapping service.

Event Service

Data driven events determine and increasingly personalise content and services for players based on their context – Who is the player, where are they in their journey individually and in context to their relationship with the service provider? How long have they been here and where are they up to? The event service provides a stackable if this, then that nudge engine that triggers win states and other boundaries between the cogs of the various engagement loops that make up the player journey.

Player Map - Odyssey

 A configurable, multi-league game based journey set of financial habits, discipline and skill building across the major money systems.

Game Server

Moroku Game Server embeds a powerful range of game mechanics to motivate, educate and engage your customers, individually as well as collectively. Rewards and penalties can be applied, players are ranked on multiple leaderboards based on demographics and reset.


There are two points of integration with Odyssey. Web and mobile application integration occurs through web services and APIs. There is also a messaging service to ddeliver email and push notifications through the relevant delivery channels

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Odyssey is an engagement platform for financial service providers that want improved customer acquisition and retention. As market competition continues to heat up, customer engagement is the battleground. Moroku’s behavioural banking engine helps banks, credit unions and fintechs attract and engage customers around a telos of financial wellness and an architecture of game.

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