What we all need to do is so important

Moroku help banks help their customers win. We do this by building digital experiences that motivate customers to save not spend and through this model build sustainable banking businesses based on liquidity as opposed to net interest income (NII) and fees. This is both really important and really hard. This …

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Banking in the Crowd

Moroku stems from the Maori word for gathering, “puroku”, twisting it in the realisation that today the tribe connects via mobile. With only China and India having more social members than Facebook and the majority of our interactions now occurring on mobile, few will argue that the age of the …

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The Fabulous Truth About Money

Money. It seems to make the world go around or at the very least it goes around the world. It gets many of us out of bed every day in our search to acquire more of it. Somehow it allows us to do the things we want to do. In …

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