What it takes to effect lasting improvements in customers’ money habits

Behavioural studies certainly provide us with more insights than ever about the triggers, deviations, and responses of the human brain – conscious or unconscious.  Knowing how cognitive biases influence people’s financial habits, however, serves a bigger purpose than just satisfying a curious mind. They are essential to building value and competitive advantage to survive and…


Ten cognitive biases around money

Research focused on people’s decision-making process around money reveals many blind spots that impact not only personal financial stability, but also influence the entire ecosystem.

In this blog, the first of two parts, we look at ten mental biases around money and how they shape interactions with money, banking products/services, and financial institutions in general.


Team Moroku Takes out Flutter Hackathon

Flutter is a cross platform, mobile application framework, created by Google, to help developers write once and deploy across multiple different operating systems and is gaining a lot of traction. This weekend a series of hackathons were run across 19 countries to bring developers together around the platform, learn from each other and compete for…