An Introduction to Tribal Leadership

m6Great introduction by John King this week on Tribal Leadership. John’s approach, delivered in his co-authored book, “Tribal Leadership” shows leaders how to employ their companies’ tribes to maximize productivity and profit: Their research, backed up with interviews ranging from Brian France (CEO of NASCAR) to “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams, shows that over three quarters of the organizations they’ve studied have tribal cultures that are adequate at best.

John shared his 5 state model of being, as a journey for leaders determined to see their teams flourish.

John posits that where management is additive and provided by authority, leadership is subtractive (looking to simplify) , acquired by permission and is about, among other things :

    • Sharing a gift in such a way that people are released
    • Creating space for people to flourish, be creative and effective
    • Discovering the nature of the dream
    • Being about the relationship
    • Explored through powerful questions such as
      1. Who am I / are We?
      2. Who are my/our partners?
      3. What are we building ?
      4. Who do we touch?
      5. What difference does it make ?

Without this level of curiosity, John informs us that there is a massive risk in drifting through life, waiting to be told what to do and then whinging about it.


As we authentically level up, the relationship changes along with the focus and theme of the conversation and therefore the outcome

Thanks for sharing John

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